The Importance of Friends and Really Getting to Know Someone

There is this guy I know, if he reads this he will know exactly who I’m talking about, but I’ll keep it anonymous so that he isn’t flooded with people looking for sage advice. He told me one time that “if you want to truly get to know someone, spend time with them while they are doing the thing that they are the best at.” This person has said various things like this to me over the course of our relationship and I rarely grasp […]

The Space Inbetween

Life is a collection of random seeming occurrences and the real trick is being ready for them. It’s impossible to know which will have an impact, large or small or good or bad, and it’s the moments between these important, weighty or defining occurrences that will define any influence over the outcome. This is where all of that practice, done alone and in private, pays off.  The moments between activities, the downtime along the way, the meaningless challenges conjured up for no tangible reason. The […]